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Documentary wedding photograph breakdown (extract from documentary wedding photography book "Is This Something?"


"Just wanted to say thanks so much again for the last couple of days. I had a fantastic experience with you guys and it was wonderful being able to chat with both of you about my photography. Thank you for your great insights and guidance. It's really helpful and reassuring … It has really made me excited again after feeling quite ‘lost’ for a while….. I'm keeping yours and Liam's words in my head when I'm shooting and looking at images. Or rather picturing Liam demonstrating the way he 'zones' around the scene with his camera. Feels good to have chatted with someone who gets it, plus have the talent to stay true to themselves."
- Water In My Wellies
Dominique, Liam & Matt are available for one-on-one photography and/or videography mentorship sessions to help guide you on your path and maximise your potential. Taking place typically over two days at our Scarborough studio (though longer commitments or digital, online-only mentorships are also considered), our mentorship sessions are individually tailored to get the most out of your experience. Depending on your needs we can explore and and every aspect of your work, from composition and style to websites and marketing.
During the sessions we would normally look to complete a (friendly) critique of your work, explaining what we might have done differently and the other opportunities that we can see from each scene. We will also show you our own work - showing you how photographs came together and the thought process behind them. We will explain in further detail the concepts included in our book and show how they could be applied to your work. We will also discuss your style and offer pointers how to further refine your work to capture (and market) the type of images you truly love.
"Unforgettable mentoring experience!! You don’t even realise how good your mentorship has been for us! Since our workshop with you our work and eye has been influenced by your style, but aside from that what we really wanted to do was something very personal and out of the stereotypes of wedding photography - this was one of the main ideas we learnt from you. Consistency in our work and personality in our brand. We are very impatient to see more York Place inspiration!"
- Bad Ass Photography


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