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Seemingly Insignificant

Our mission is to help you find and hone your vision.

We're always asked about how, at York Place, we create big images from tiny "seemingly insignificant" moments; why our favourite parts of a wedding to photograph and film are the times when "nothing" is going on. In fact we're asked so often that we decided to write a book about it!
In the process Seemingly Insignificant was created - a place to share our ideas about photography and videography through publishing, mentoring, workshops and digital content. Over nearly two decades we have forged a style of shooting that we love; a way of embracing spontaneity that brings excitement to each and every shoot. We want to help others to find that same passion - that same joy in creating images and confidence in the ability to find them wherever you choose to look. Our passion is documentary photography, but whether shooting documentary, landscapes, portraits, editorial or any other style, we hope that the resources here on "Seemingly Insignificant" can assist you in your path and help you to see and capture more photographic opportunities.
Wedding photographer Dominique Shaw (photographed speaking at Doc Day Conference)

Dominique Shaw

Photographer - York Place Studios
Documentary wedding photographer Liam Shaw (photographed speaking at Doc Day Conference)

Liam Shaw

Photographer - York Place Studios
Wedding Videographer Matt Thompson (photographed presenting at X-Weddings Conference)

Matt Thompson

Videographer - York Place Films

York Place Studios & York Place Films

Over the years York Place Studios has become one of the most established names in wedding photography. With their unusual, street-inspired documentary approach, photographers Dominique & Liam have developed the eyes and techniques to turn tiny off-beat moments into the biggest stories of the wedding. Focussed firstly on people and personality rather than the traditional wedding set-pieces, York Place has become known for complex, layered composition, humorous connections and a consistency in finding moments throughout every part of the day.

York Place Films was founded on a similar ethos - an ambition to capture real, natural moments and capture the real essence of the wedding through the family and friendships that create it. Working to the firm belief that weddings are about fun over formality and seeking to capture not just how the wedding looked but how it felt, York Place Films look to tell original wedding stories: real moments, real people, real memories in motion.

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Photographs by Ronan Palliser & Dominique Shaw