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Photographers Dominique Shaw & Liam Shaw (York Place Studios) and Videographer Matt Thompson (York Place Films) have hosted workshops all over the world. Recent seminar locations include Bali, Oaxaca, Glasgow and Glastonbury, working with partners such as Fujifilm, Digitalab, Wex Photo Video and, of course, the York Place Masterclass. 
Also seasoned webinar speakers, the Seemingly Insignificant team offer in-depth training covering all levels of photography and videography, specialising in the wedding and documentary fields.
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"Attending their workshop gave me the kick in the ass I needed and a fresh and unique perspective on a very traditional photography genre"

- Juliana Socher

"I’ve been a big fan of Dom and Liam’s work since I first started in the industry. Learning their ethos and their thought process behind some of their most iconic images was fascinating. They were completely open and honest with us, not holding anything back."

– Matt Badenoch

"I could not wait to literally dive head first into the sea of knowledge that these guys would pour out. And pour out it did. Dom and Liam were so open, so honest and so bloody frank that you could not come away from the day without feeling inspired, mesmerised, and honestly - a bit shaken up."

- Claire Batey

I spent yesterday with York Place Studios, they were hosting a Fujifilm experience day. They were talking about the philosophy behind their photography and how the camera they choose to use allows them to capture their ideas. I learned some valuable tips and tricks about the gear, but far more than that I learned about the truths behind the photographs. I learned to look for photographs in a different way and find them in places I didn’t think to look. I’m now in the process of figuring out what’s important to me and how I can fit what I’ve learnt into my wedding photography. Perhaps it’s been there all along and I just needed to recognise it.

"Learned so much at the wedding photography workshop with Liam & Dom, game-changer."

- Cast & Crewe Photography

“If I had to sum up the masterclass in one sentence, I would say “It was the smack in face I needed… An amazing day spent with the very friendly Dom & Liam, exploring their unique style/approach and it’s application to weddings. To sum up the day: practical, thought provoking, down to earth & inspirational.”

– Sara Kirkham

"I mentioned if I came away with one element from the day that added to my photography I’d be happy - well how about if I said I feel enlightened (reborn if you want me to get creepy!) You have given me a new pair of eyes to see the industry I’m in. Only time will tell if I have the balls and the work ethic to take advantage of this mindset but thank you so much for giving my business the chance to change."

– Lee Glasgow Photography

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