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York Place Studios on stage at Keep It Real Conference, Germany
"Is This Something?" authors Liam & Dominique Shaw presenting at DocDay documentary photography conference, Dublin, Ireland


"All the speakers and educators were amazing but my biggest inspiration without a doubt was York Place Studios. York Place Studios were my lightbulb and I’m left buzzing and ready to approach photography with a new set of eyes!"
- The Martins Photography
We have been invited to share our unique ideas, philosophies and photographic vision at some of the biggest conferences in the world; headlining events as far and wide as Bali's Limitless, Germany's Keep It Real and Poland's Boring Workshop along with Europe's biggest wedding photography convention BodaF.
The mission of our talks is to inspire creative thought and dismantle the self-imposed barriers that genre stereotypes so often inspire. We want to share our ideas with fellow photographers and videographers not to show a "correct" way but to open eyes and minds to more possibilities; to see more photographs and develop new ways to understand and capture moments.
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Photos by Nils Hasenau, Ronan Palliser & Zlatko Gatev