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Make Better Pictures.

There's more to this. More here than a pre-defined timeline, more to photograph than set-pieces and expected beats.
The York Place workshop is about finding more; about seeing more opportunities and finding greater depth in your photographs. Weddings are not just about confetti shots and first dances, they are an emotion rich environment filled with connections, relationships, life, community and comedy. 
Our job as photographers is not just to make observations it is to communicate our ideas to an audience through clean composition, careful balancing of components and finding the hidden connections between each element of the frame.
At this one day workshop you will learn the ideas, techniques and repeatable actions used by photographers Dominique & Liam Shaw to consistently find and create strong images from those moments of a wedding when there appears to be nothing much going on.
Understand their philosophies, learn in detail how they balance their frames, layer in tiny details and create unexpected frames from seemingly insignificant moments. Ask questions, practice techniques - nothing is off limits at the York Place Workshop.
I could not wait to literally dive head first into the sea of knowledge that these guys would pour out. And pour out it did. Dom and Liam were so open, so honest and so bloody frank that you could not come away from the day without feeling inspired, mesmerised, and honestly - a bit shaken up.
- Claire Batey

Dublin Photography Workshop

One day photography workshop – Dublin, Ireland. 21st February 2024


Your fee includes unlimited beverages. Lunch is not included but there will be cafes within easy walking distance. Venue TBC but will be in central Dublin.